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Getting Ohio’s Injured Workers Back to Work, Back to Life

To help Ohio’s injured workers return to work, BWC is partnering with the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to create the BWC/OhioMeansJobs Program.

This innovative program is a win-win for Ohio employers and workers who cannot return to their previous employers due to work-related injuries or diseases.

  • The program will help create a career pathway for injured workers who cannot perform their previous job responsibilities or who want to learn new job skills.
  • In addition, it establishes a skilled talent pipeline for Ohio employers who need a workforce for in-demand jobs.

What does this program mean for employers?

If employers are looking for applicants to become their new skilled workforce, the BWC/OhioMeansJobs Program has the answer. This new program offers an easy way for employers to find potential employees who are registered on OhioMeansJobs.com.

What financial incentives are available for Ohio’s employers?

BWC offers financial incentives to employers who hire workers participating in a vocational rehabilitation plan.

  • BWC can provide the financial resources for training tailored to the injured worker’s needs and assist with his or her wages through our employer-incentive programs.
  • If injured workers want more information, they can talk with their employment specialist or their OhioMeansJobs customer service representative by emailing omj-help-desk@jfs.ohio.gov or calling 1-888-296-7541. Let’s work together to help Ohio’s injured workers get back to work, back to life today

Employer Return-to-Work Incentives

BWC offers the following financial incentives to employers who hire workers participating in a vocational rehabilitation plan:

  • Employer Incentive Contract (EIC) provides a financial incentive to an employer to hire a worker participating in a vocational rehabilitation plan who is learning how to perform a new job. The incentive to the employer can be up to 50 percent of the worker’s weekly wage for up to 13 weeks;
  • Job Modification is the removal or alteration of physical barrier(s) that may prohibit a worker from performing essential job functions. BWC reimburses 50 percent of the costs of the completed job modification. The remaining 50 percent is paid after the injured worker completes 90 days on the job;
  • On-The-Job Training is a practical program that allows a worker to obtain or upgrade a vocational skill through actual work experience. BWC reimburses the employer for up to 50 percent of the worker’s weekly wage for the training period;
  • Tools & Equipment incentive can provide tools and/ or equipment necessary for the worker’s employment once he or she obtains a job;
  • Work Trial allows an employer to test, evaluate and observe the worker at the actual job prior to hiring. BWC pays 100 percent of the worker’s wages for the four-week work trial. 

Have an injured worker who needs to get back into your workforce?

BWC offers several return-to-work options.

Find out more about modified duty, including transitional work, job modification and gradual return to work.

We also offer financial incentives to establish and/or use a transitional work program in your business. Learn more about Transitional Work Grants and Transitional Work Bonus programs.

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