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Hiring Restored Citizens

Meet Your Organization's Talent Needs

Hiring someone with a criminal record is good for people and the economy. Hiring restored citizens decreases the risk of recidivism, promotes a valuable U.S. talent pool, and helps reduce the growing skills gap. People who have made mistakes want and deserve the dignity of work. 

OhioMeansJobs.com has the tools to help you hire & retain top talent.

  • Federal Bonding Program - Free insurance protects employers from certain losses that may result from hiring restored citizens. 


Tips for Considering Criminal Records in Hiring Decisions

From the Society for Human Resources Management's (SHRM): 

  1. Don’t ask about criminal records during the application process. Conduct a reliable background check late in the hiring process, when the results can be considered in context.
  2. Conduct an individualized assessment of the applicant’s personal history beyond the conviction, such as training, work experience, or references.
  3. Consider only convictions and pending prosecutions that are relevant to the job. The critical question is this: “Does this job present an opportunity for the type of behavior involved in the conviction?”
  4. Consider only convictions recent enough to create risk. The longer a person goes without committing a new offense, the less likely he or she will.


Restored Citizen Resume Database

Giving Employers in Ohio Better Access to Top Talent

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