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Information Technology

Interested in information technology?

  • Do you enjoy working with computers?
  • Have you created your own webpage?
  • Is mathematics a favorite subject?
  • Are you organized and able to focus on details?
  • Do you learn new computer programs quickly?

Information Technology (IT) is an area that is growing and always changing with new developments. In IT, you would be part of a cluster that continues to make an impact on society and individuals. You would have the opportunity to work in all types and sizes of businesses from Microsoft to your local hospital.

Work with computer hardware, software, multimedia, and network systems. In this cluster, you might design new computer equipment or computer games. Or you might make sure that the software or networks are working. In addition, you might have to make sure that people know how to use them. Or you might manage whole networks that link workers in all parts of the world.

Network Systems Pathway

The work done by the employees in the Network Systems pathway is critical to the success of almost every company. You
would be involved in designing, installing, and maintaining network systems.
These systems allow workers to share information and projects. For example, in a medical facility, a network system would
allow several doctors to view a patient's x-rays at the same time. They then could work together to determine the problem and
best treatment.