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Choosing a Career in Children Services

What is Children Services?

Children services encompasses a number of programs and initiatives whose purpose is to ensure children and youth live in a safe and nurturing environment, so they have the opportunity to grow and live up to their full potential.

In Ohio, children services—are administered by 88 county public children services agencies which provide direct services to children and families. These include child protection, foster and kinship care, adoption, and more.

While counties are responsible for the administration of children services programming, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services provides policy and guidance to the counties.

What Kind of Careers are There in Children Services?

Like every organization, there are a variety of professional opportunities ranging from IT to human resources to legal support, but the greatest need is for caseworkers. Caseworkers interact with children, birth families, foster and kinship caregivers, as well as law enforcement and the courts to ensure children are in a safe and nurturing environment.

To find specific jobs that match your qualifications and interests, use our Job Seeker search tool on this page.

What Does a Children Services Caseworker Do?

A caseworker has many duties dependent on the specific needs of a child. Those may include:

  • Investigating reports of child abuse to determine whether a child is at risk for abuse or neglect.
  • Gathering information and preparing reports for possible legal action to secure the safety of a child.
  • Working with law enforcement and the courts to remove children from situations that my cause immediate harm.
  • Identifying individuals, families, and organizations who can provide foster or kinship care for children in need.
  • Working with families to create safer environments in which to care for children. This could be through improvements to the physical space, education, substance use treatment, or even finding other community resources to help provide financial or food stability.
  • Helping to find a permanent solution through adoption in cases where a child is unable to be reunified with their family or caregiver.  

What Makes a Successful Children Services Worker?

You may be surprised to find that not all caseworker jobs require a college degree in social work. Check out the Job Seeker search tool on this page to see the minimum qualifications for specific jobs.

A desire to make a difference is the number one quality in a successful caseworker. Being a problem solver is a close second. Everything else can be taught. If any of these sound like you, check out our Job Seeker search tool to find which job is right for you.

  • I have a desire to make a difference
  • I am a problem solver
  • I am able to communicate and work with different parties to find common ground
  • I am detail oriented and able to compile data into a report that supports my findings
  • I understand the right solution is not always the easy one
  • I am able to face an emotionally difficult situation and still work to achieve the best outcome

How Do I Become a Children Services Worker?

If you’re still in school, consider a degree in social work or a related field such as psychology, sociology education, or public administration. Consider an internship with a local public children services agency. 

If you’re no longer in school but have a degree in social work or a related field, check out our Job Seeker search tool for a job that’s right for you.

Employers: How to Post Children Services Jobs.

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