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Get Better Job Search Results

Keys to Great Search Results 

Mastering the Job Title & Key Words fields. 

These fields can be used independently or together. Using the Job Title field is the more narrow way to search. This field only searches against the Job Title of a posting. 

The Keywords field searches against Job Title, Job Description, and Company Name. Using the keywords field will return you a broader range of jobs.

Thoughtful use of the job title and keyword search fields will help to minimize search engine confusion and narrow your search results. 

Harness the Power of Keywords

Get Specific with AND

Use the "AND" operator to link words or phrases together in the keyword box. Using "AND" ensures that both your terms are included in the results.

For example, if you are searching for specific jobs in healthcare you might use the keyword search: nurse AND icu. 

Screen shot of the "search jobs" fields: Job Title, Keywords, Location, State, Radius. And a Venn diagram with the intersection of "nurse" and "icu" highlighted.

Get More with OR

Use OR to make sure at least one of the keywords exist in the job posting. A keyword search using OR will return job postings that have any of the words entered in the search criteria.

For example, a restaurant job posting may contain a variety of different Job Titles or Keyword entries. To find restaurant service jobs you would consider a keyword search like this: server OR waiter. Using OR allows you to expand the search to include multiple keywords.

Pro Tip: Use parentheses around keywords that are multiple words or phrases, (Grill Cook) OR (Line Cook). 

Screen shot of the "search jobs" fields: Job Title, Keywords, Location, State, Radius. And a Venn diagram with all 3 segments "server" or "waiter" highlighted.

Clarify with AND NOT

Sometimes you want to keep things out of your search results. Use AND NOT to get specific about keywords you want to be removed from your search. 

For example, to get clear about what kind of engineering job you're looking for, keyword search: (electrical engineer) AND NOT (software engineer). 

Screen shot of the keywords search field. And a Venn diagram with "electrical engineer" and not "software engineer" highlighted.


Exact Phrase Search using Quotation Marks

Use Quotation Marks when you want to keyword search for multiple words as an exact phrase. 

This approach works best for phrases like:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Driver's Licence

Simply place "quotation marks" around the words you would like the search engine to find within job postings.

For example, if you are searching for specific healthcare jobs you might keyword search: "intensive care unit". 

Screen shot of the keywords search field. And a circle diagram with "intensive care unit" highlighted.


Bring it All Together 

The keyword search field can accept a combination of command prompts. This allows you to search with a high degree of precision. 

For example, if you are looking for specific healthcare job postings you might use: nurse ("critical care" OR "icu" OR "intensive care"). This search will include all nurse positions, with a focus on critical care, ICU, or intensive care specialties. These terms could be present in the Job Title, Job Description or Company Name fields of the job posting.Screen shot of the keywords search field. And a Venn diagram with the overlap of "nurse" and "icu", or "critical care", or "intensive care" highlighted.

Another example, to find an office job based on your specific professional skills:

  • Job Title = administrative assistant
  • Keyword = excel AND outlook AND NOT (ceo OR monster)

This search returns all results which contain the job title and both of the skills (Excel and Outlook)... but do not reference the words CEO or Monster.

Best Practices

  • When building a complex string with OR always use parentheses to group terms. 
  • Search "command" terms (AND / OR / AND NOT) should be entered in uppercase (ALL CAPS)
  • Job title and keyword strings should appear in lowercase. This will allows for maximum clarity.
  •  Boolean operators (AND / OR / AND NOT) are only supported in the Keyword field. They will not work in the Job Title search field.